PAID Doctoral School: The Director Prof. Roger Mondoué receives PhD students from West Africa and the Sahel


On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, Professor Roger Mondoué, Director of the Doctoral School of PAID, received a delegation of doctoral students from West Africa and the Sahel, composed of Messrs Michel Lofo and Karim Koné, Second batch, and BiéTiono, of the first batch. He was assisted by Dr. Poussi Sawadogo, Acting Regional Director of IPD-AOS.


The Director of the Doctoral School paid tributes to the memory of the former Regional Director, late Dr Fernand Pissang-Keller, who died in September 2016. Regarding the subject matter of the meeting, he instructed Mr Tiono Bié, doctoral student in charge of studies at IPD-AOS, to contact all doctoral students in order to monitor the development of their research work.

He addressed the questions of procedures concerning the regulation of higher education and in particular with regard to doctoral studies in Cameroon.
In West Africa and the Sahel, about ten doctoral students have enrolled while there are about a hundred doctoral students in Central Africa.

The recruitment process is underway for the fifth batch. A thesis committee is planned for the first week of May 2017 in Ouagadougou to analyze the progress of the research work of the different candidates of the first batch. The candidates of the second batch are expected to present a thesis project or proposal on this occasion.

A second thesis committee is scheduled for September 2017 to observe the progress of the work of students of the first batch and to allow them to submit their theses in the first half of 2018

A methodological guide is being drawn up to guide students in the conduct of their fieldwork and the drafting of the internship report, the master thesis and the doctoral thesis.
A charter between the PAID and thesis supervisors is also being elaborated in order to clarify the obligations of the parties accompanying students of Bachelor, Masters and Doctorates.
He recommended that candidates be in close contact with their supervisors in order to speed up the follow-up of their research work.
He also invited the candidates to resolve their financial situation with respect to the program. The update is essential to participate in the thesis committee next month.

The Director of the Doctoral School regretted the non-reaction of doctoral students to calls for papers on themes related to sustainable development. The PhD students expressed concerns about the scope and the size of the thesis in terms of pages, the thesis supervisor and calls for contributions, costs of training for PAID teachers, access to the platform and the absence of an official seizure of the supervisors of thesis to ensure the supervision.

The Director gave appropriate answers to the questions raised, stating that the supervisor remains the master of the research direction. Depending on the nature of the thesis (human and social sciences, exact sciences or engineering sciences), the minimum pages are between 300 and 500 pages. As for calls for costs, the Doctoral School will study the situation of each stakeholder and meet the expectations of the stakeholders. Arrangements will be made to facilitate access to the platform. In addition, the video conferencing system will be operational and will allow the sharing of information between supervisors and students. For the framework, the charter will definitively regulate the formalization of the relations between the PAID and its supervisors of thesis. The Director expressed his willingness to create a strong synergy for close collaboration with IPD-AOS teachers and the doctoral program for better support for doctoral students in their research work.

The Director in his closing remarks highlighted the possibilities of scholarships for doctoral studies to be financed by partners of PAID. He invited the doctoral students to be the ambassadors of the PAID doctoral program and to show strong adherence to the initiative accompanying development through qualified doctoral training. 

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